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DJ Contest @ Lestrade - Mol 18th of February 2017

DJ Contest Lestrade Mol

Hey All,

Who's coming to join me to support me for this DJ contest?
I got the message today that I got selected and I can really use all my fans to join me and cheer for me!
So I hope a lot of you will come with me! It's next saturday the 18th of February!


DJ Wax

Listen to one of my mixes below!

DJ Wax

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Sat 2017-02-18 DJ Contest Lestrade Mol
Sat 2017-03-04 L'Estrade presents 100% Retro Infinity
Sat 2017-03-25 DJ Wax In The Mix @ L'Estrade (Mol)
... 2100-12-31 more to come...