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DJ Wax - In The Mix New Year 2019
Hey Fans,

Long time ago because of some issues with my hosting but they are fixed now!

Happy New Year too all of you!!!

Listen to my new years mix of in total 7h08min :D!!


DJ Wax

Hey Fans,

This is my awesome mix which I had over 10k views on for my livestream! Thank you all!!!


@DJ Wax

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Hey Fans,

Thank you for this fantastic livestream on wednesday!
I had a peak of 53 listeners at once and almost a constant 40 listeners :) (it seems not much, but for me it's important knowing that you appreciate me! :) )
The views on my livestream are already above 6k views! SO HAPPY!!!

Anyway, before I post some other (older) mixes I make sure this one is already online to thank you all for it!
DJ Wax