Hello everybody,

Welcome to my website, I hope you’ll have a great time!

I’ll introduce myself here, I’m Steven aka DJ Wax. Born and raised in Belgium since 1982. (41y)
Being a big fan of Housemusic I start buying vinylrecords in stores at the age of 14.

I started out in a small friends club, spinned a few times here and there but basketball was my biggest love back in the younger days.
After some serious injuries I decided to “switch” my career and go for the DJ way.

I spinned at some parties, played in a few clubs and decided to do some DJ Contests. Which in the beginning I didn’t win, for the first 3, but then I started winning them and won 7 out of 10.
This made me play also at festivals and more clubs and also for some radios.

Being a vinyl DJ, it wasn’t easy to get into clubs, mostly because I had to “fight” against the DJ’s whom had more fame. Especially with the styles I mixed back then, Retrohouse, Trance, Groove Classix.
So after many years of trying, I decided to take the step into allround, so by not only playing my favorite genres, but opening up to others as well, (techno, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and the “latest top 50″…) I got to play at more places and I also spin at weddings and family parties now.

So if you want a good time, with lots of different styles or one or more styles in particular, feel free to book me!


Steven aka DJ Wax